There are a few big events that I am hoping will take place sometime in 2013:

1. I think this is going to be the year for my first solo holiday. Well not solo per sé, solo as in minus the parentals. Should it only be a weekend away with my boyfriend, then that’s ok, but this is something I really want to do soon.
2. Another major thing I’ve been considering is The Big Question. In July it will be 4 years since we started dating and I think its time we started coming to the realisation that this is a serious relationship and maybe we ought to be booking a wedding planner.
3. Finish my placement year on a high. You will probably hear a lot more about this, but I am 6 months through my placement year. It finishes in June, then in September I will return to university for the final year of my course. So far, so good as regards the placement and I really want to keep this up until June.
4. Think up a cracker idea for my final year project.
5. Get back on a 2 per day insulin regimen because I am sick and tired of 4 injections daily and their side-effects

So far these are the things I want dealt with over the next 12 months. How about you? Have you any castles in the sky you want to reach?


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