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Hi all,
Happy New Year to you all and welcome to Tuesday 1st January 2013.
Today’s positive thought focuses on New Beginnings. Corny I know, but its true. I’m turning over a new leaf and striving to be better and the new year is the perfect opportunity. So whether I keep up the new blog, the weight maintenance, the new positive outlook and trying to be nicer, remains to be seen, but in keeping with Number 3, I’m optimistic. I’ve already got 3 posts up, a few ideas rattling around the drafts folder, and a couple still in the thinking cap to until they grow into goers or no-hopers, I think I’m on the right track with the blog so Number 1 is trundling along rightly. For Number 2, I turned down seconds after New Year’s desert and making plans for the gym tomorrow. And for Number 4, I let the fact slide that The Special One stayed in bed until 12pm whilst I had to get up and clean and babysit a 4 year old. Cinderella eat your heart out.
Once again, happy new year, and good luck with your resolutions.
Chat soon,