Today I am thankful for…New Beginnings


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Hi all,
Happy New Year to you all and welcome to Tuesday 1st January 2013.
Today’s positive thought focuses on New Beginnings. Corny I know, but its true. I’m turning over a new leaf and striving to be better and the new year is the perfect opportunity. So whether I keep up the new blog, the weight maintenance, the new positive outlook and trying to be nicer, remains to be seen, but in keeping with Number 3, I’m optimistic. I’ve already got 3 posts up, a few ideas rattling around the drafts folder, and a couple still in the thinking cap to until they grow into goers or no-hopers, I think I’m on the right track with the blog so Number 1 is trundling along rightly. For Number 2, I turned down seconds after New Year’s desert and making plans for the gym tomorrow. And for Number 4, I let the fact slide that The Special One stayed in bed until 12pm whilst I had to get up and clean and babysit a 4 year old. Cinderella eat your heart out.
Once again, happy new year, and good luck with your resolutions.
Chat soon,



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Well it’s that time again, time to get out The List. And no, I’m not talking about Santa’s Naughty & Nice List; I’m referring to the New Year’s Resolutions. This year’s list seems to be a lot more daunting than last year’s but maybe with a little moral support from you all, I might just succeed in some of these, at least for a little while.

1. Keep this blog up for at least 1 month(That’s just the target for now. If I take baby steps I’ll get there easier. If I get to 1 month, I’ll up it to 3, then 6, then the ultimate goal is 12 months)
2. I’m not going to go all “New Year, New You” on it and say I’m going to lose half my body weight in 2 weeks by following. 3 simple steps…But what I am going to aim for, is to stay at my current weight. Eventually, yes I would like to lose a stone or two, but for now I will be happy if I can stop putting weight on. (Just for the record, I know that this looks like the cowards answer to a NYR but in my case its really not. Due to medication changes I put on over 2 stone in 2012 and went up a dress size or two and I want put a stop to it right now. I’ll work to getting back to 2011 weight once I have got this handled)
3. Think positive. This is the b ig one for me this year, and its the reason for setting up this blog in the first place. I need to stop wallowing in self-pity and realise that most of the time, it’s not all bad. Sure there will be rough patches, but I will deal with those when they come and stop steeping myself in the dark patches of times gone by. They have happened, but they are gone now, and I am doing no-one a favour by overthinking the what-ifs and maybes.
4. This is going to seem really silly but number four should hopefully follow through from number three: Be nice. The bitterness and bitchiness has got to go. Enough is enough. I have to forget past faults and make a new start with some unavoidable people. This one may kill me but maybe if I can be the bigger person, possibly it may rub off on them and in turn they might develop some kind of respect, maybe even decent courtesy. I’m not looking for an all-singing, all-dancing reunion, “lets be BFFs”, just a truce and some bilateral civility.
5. …. For now I am going to leave this one blank. I’m not going to resolve just for the sake of it, but I have a feeling I will be adding to this list soon enough.

So that is The List 2013. Every so often, I’ll give you a progress update on each one so keep checking in. So what does Your List look like so far? Feel free to get in touch and maybe with a little encouragement and moral support, we will all stick at the resolutions.

Chat soon,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone. Welcome to 2013, and welcome to my new blog. Basically the name of the game is to offer up at least one positive thought for each day in order to focus a little more on the important things which often slip by unnoticed. Hopefully you’ll stick with me and we will have a wonderful 2013 ahead of us.


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